Ricky Kresslein

Best Photography Gear Under $100


I have a rule for myself: Always buy the best, regardless of price. It may sound snobby, but I have found that anytime I go the cheap route I end up regretting it. Then I’m out the cost of the cheap item because I have to upgrade anyway. I prefer to prevent this buy saving up a little longer in order to buy the best version of any item right off the bat. Fortunately, sometimes the best isn’t terribly expensive. These are my five favorite pieces of gear in my photography kit that cost under $100.

Peak Design Slide Strap

Wacom Tablet

Sitting Pad

Google Drive

I no longer user or endorse Google Drive.

Entrance Fees & Travel Costs

Thank you for reading this list. I hope you found something you can buy now to improve your photography. What purchases under $100 have you enjoyed? I’m always looking for recommendations, so let me know.