Ricky Kresslein

Gear Necessary to Film and Sell Stock Video


So, you want to sell stock video? The stock video industry right now is similar to how the stock photo industry was ten years ago - fresh, taking off, and not so saturated. There are millions of photos—some good, some terrible—floating around the various stock websites these days, making it difficult to get noticed. However, video is far less saturated and easier to break into. This is a list of gear you will need to break into the industry.

A Camera

Below are some tools I use to improve the quality of my video, including cell phone video, but I want to be clear: all you really need is your phone. You can open up the native camera app, record video, and post it to Story Blocks today. You don’t need anything fancy. If you can’t afford the upgrades yet, start shooting and selling stock on your phone now, then invest the proceeds into these next tools.

Filmic Pro

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

DaVinci Resolve