Ricky Kresslein

Lake Superior - Grand Marais, Minnesota


The first stop on my cross-country road trip with my brother, Sam, was Lake Superior. We stayed at a camp-ground in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The camp ground was within the boundaries of Superior National Forest and only a short walk from town. We had a view of the lake from our campsite and could walk to the shore in less than a minute.

Lake Superior is the first Great Lake I have ever seen. The size is indescribable. It is massive. The water is crystal clear, and the lake appears deep blue when viewed from afar. The bottom is lined with smooth river rock that is easy on the feet. The town of Grand Marais even pulls their water from Lake Superior!

Grand Marais is a quiet, small town with a hipster vibe. There are a bunch of small coffee shops, two breweries, and an organic grocery store. It meets Lake Superior on two sides, making for excellent views throughout the town.

We did a tour at Voyageur Brewing Co., a beer brewery in town that uses the water of Lake Superior to brew their beers. They currently distribute throughout Minnesota and are working hard to expand. Their beers were delicious, but nothing spectacular when compared to similar beers. My favorite was their Belgian Wheat Ale.

We went out a couple of nights because a lot of the bars have live music during the spring and summer. However, the town is so small that it isn’t very fun. The most crowded night consisted of about twenty to thirty locals hanging out at the bar, talking with friends, and a few of them dancing. We got a beer and headed home soon afterward.

Despite the poor night life, the town is very neat and cozy. It is a wonderful place to spend a short (one week) holiday or vacation. The campground was excellent and provided full hook-up sites with a magnificent view for an excellent price. The weather was chilly, but not freezing, even though it was late-May.

One morning, Sam and I did the polar bear plunge. We dove into Lake Superior when the outside temperature was in the low fifties and the water was forty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. I have never experienced water so cold. I got out almost immediately, while Sam challenged himself by staying in for a minute and a half!

Overall, I highly recommend checking out Minnesota’s North Shore. Lake Superior is a stunning sight. It issomething that everyone should see in their lifetime. And if you go, you must do the polar bear plunge. Leave a comment on my video below lettng me know how cold it was!