Ricky Kresslein

Business Cards For Your Photography Business


There is definitely some debate about whether business cards are necessary these days. With the internet and smartphones, is it worth it to carry around a stack of paper with your information on it? Is it better to just put your info in someones phone or give them your instagram handle if they are curious about your work?

I like to have one or two business cards on me at all times. I will admit that I have only been carrying business cards for six months now and I have only given them out to two people. However, it was less than $20 to print two-hundred cards, less than a day to design them, and now I carry them everywhere in my wallet. I would bet that these two-hundred cards will last me about ten years, and in that ten years I may lose more than I hand out. However, when you meet someone new, especially an older person who may have a lot of influence or connections, how likely are you to ask them for their phone to type in your information? I find it far easier to take a business card out of my wallet and hand it over.

For the small price and time commitment, I would highly recommend buying business cards. You can download a Photoshop template straight from Vistaprint to design your card with ease. I favor a minimalist style (mine is white with a black logo on the front, and my website on the back with phone number and email in the lower-left corner), but you can do whatever your heart desires.

It’s important to spend money on our business if we want it to grow, and this is just a small expense that could lead to your next big client. Take a minute to design and purchase your cards right now. Even if you never hand one out, I don’t think you will ever regret making them. Just in case.